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Trinity Group combines experts with extensive experience in auditing payroll systems alongside technological tools that enable computer systems to review payroll and finance systems. The group specializes in verification of payroll system calculations, in order to find computational errors and optimize the organization's costs for employee wages. The unique tools developed by Trinity allow an internal review to run a thorough review throughout all the payslips of the employees. Trinity provides the most rapid economical and technological solutions that exist in the world.

Trinity Payroll Analysis was founded in 2001 as a center of experts on tax and as a software house. The group includes professionals in the fields of taxation, accounting, law, and computer science. Trinity experts have developed dozens of complex software projects for companies, organizations, and institutions. Trinity is an authorized supplier of the Ministry of Defense. The company holds ISO-9001 certification.

The group's mission is to continue providing reliable and professional service in terms of quality and timely delivery and budget control. The group offers a number of services for financial audit. Trinity Payroll Analysis works with a variety of authorities, IRS, insurance companies and pension funds.
Among our clients exists ones of the world's major institutions, including national authorities, public companies, private companies, local governments and non-profit organizations.



Company Services

Trinity group has developed unique systems that specialize in payroll analysis. These programs were developed by professionals in the field of salary control - accountants, lawyers, tax consultants and software engineers who have worked for years in the authorities themselves. The systems offer a wide range of services, including payroll analysis, human resource management, and Insurances control.

Computerized payroll analysis
Analysis of 100% of the payslips data, at the component level, for all employees.

Insurance control
Reviewing of the employer payments within the insurance companies, and the process of assigning them to employees properly.

Human Resources system 
An upgraded human resource management system that synchronizes data with the payroll system.

DPAY payroll software 
A friendly, web-based, payroll system that produces payslips. No software installation required.

ERP system 
A system, adapted to the needs of employers, which includes features that do not exist in the market as a single system, but as separate services.

Integrated system 
All features of Trinity's systems - with 100% compatibility.


Among Trinity's clientele:


Computerized payroll analysis

The Trinity Group conducts professional wage controls on the employer's payroll software. The control of wage components improves the manner in which current wages are prepared and leads to significant savings. Trinity's unique payroll analysis system allows the team of experts to control 100% of the payslips data, at the component level.

Although paychecks are generated by professionals using Softwares, In practice there are errors even in professional payroll systems. Trinity's experience indicates that each company has deficiencies, and control leads directly to significant budgetary savings for the company. The larger the organization, the more complex the issue of wages. The complexity is due to the number of payslips issued, the scope of the wage components, differences in the composition of the payslips, and various employer payments. This scope of data makes the task of analysis very complex.


The existence of incorrect calculations stems from a variety of reasons.
For example, human errors such as:

  • Incorrectly settings for payroll components.
  • Contradicting use of components over the years.
  • Difficulty in tracking the scope of wage components.
  • Lack of updating of legislative changes.


There are even real computing errors - when the payroll system itself makes calculations wrong.

The uniqueness of Trinity's payroll analysis system lies in the ability to interact with any payroll software. To export files from the client's payroll software, to import them into Trinity's pay analysis system, to run a complete review and to produce a detailed report, where each wage component determined as exempt or obligated, backed by legal opinions by the experts who are updated about legislation changes, rulings, National Insurance circulars and more. The payroll analysis combines unique technological capabilities and human capital, including a team of experienced experts in the areas of taxation, law, and computerization. The computerized payroll analysis leads to efficiency and future reduced payments that help the company and employees.


The computerized payroll analysis includes:

  • An accurate and 100% complete review of the payslips, without interruption to the Company's employees, and maintaining the proper order of the organization.
  • A comprehensive examination of the payroll system in which the payroll slips are produced, and identification of accounting errors which lead to funds returning and future savings.
  • Monitoring of employer's payments to Pension funds, national insurance, and income tax in order to verify the completeness of the data.
  • Producing detailed reports that will constitute the evidentiary basis when the claims are brought before the authorities.
  • Preparation of a detailed picture of salary costs to the employer, including all significant components.


Trinity's advantage in conducting payroll analysis:

  • Trinity Group implements knowledge, expertise and many years of experience to perform payroll analysis for companies and institutions, in Israel and worldwide.
  • Implementing wage control through a unique system that combines a team of experts that accompanies the control, and full documentation of the wage constitution.
  • The internal analysis rounds are conducted by experienced lawyers and accountants who are familiar with the current laws.
  • The Trinity system allows examining 100% of all payslips, at the component level, for all employees.
  • The payroll analysis is based on success.


For further details on payroll analysis and its implementation:

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